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USiFF Online Auction Fees

Auction Sellers, start listing your items and pay NO listing fees and when it sells you pay no final value fees.

Auction listings are free, no final value fees and never a up front listing fee. Some of our auction upgrade features have fees, which are listed below and are only charged after the items sells successfully.

In order to sell on USiFF Online Auctions, sellers must be PayPal Verified Members.


USiFF Web Stores that are only USD per month which includes the Verification fee.
No Contract! • Unlimited Items • No Final Value Fees!

Optional Upgrades

You will only be charged optional auction fees after your item sells successfully.

Sellers, This is a Optional Seal.

If you want to add another guarantee for your buyers, you can also get the USiFF Guarantee Sellers Seal. This seal is NOT required to sell.

This seal is a added feature that is only available to sellers that live in the United States and have a valid Social Security Number.