2 Tickets West Side Story 3720 Broadway Theatre - New York New York, NY

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2 Tickets West Side Story 3720 Broadway Theatre - New York New York, NY

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Hartford, CT

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Listing is for 2 tickets to West Side Story at Broadway Theatre - New York on 3/07/2020. Price listed is all-in for the group of tickets.

Seats are in Section REAR MEZZANINE CENTER, Row O. Seats are guaranteed to be side-by-side.

Seller notes:

Tickets will be shipped to the mailing address on file with your eBay account. If you are not located in North America but interested in this listing, message us, and we can create a listing that takes into account the shipping cost to your location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tickets work?

YES! We take pains to make sure we only accept ticket listings from trusted partners. They will be for the section/row indicated, and will work at the venue. We guarantee it (eBay does too).

Will you take "X" for them?

Our prices are set by those listing tickets for sale with us, so we can only move prices up or down in the event that the asking price moves up or down. Market prices fluctuate as events approach, and our prices will reflect those changes. If you're looking for a specific price, let us know and we can let you know what we have in our inventory that fits the bill!

What are the seat numbers?

Seat numbers aren't generally available to us – we have a LOT of tickets available to most events, and often there are more than two together in a row. Our system pulls tickets in a way that avoids leaving any singles behind unless absolutely necessary. So, generally speaking, even we don't know what two tickets will come with an order until the order is made.

How can I trust that you're legit?

We've only been on eBay since the summer of 2017, but we've already sold hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of tickets. If we weren't selling tickets that worked, we'd probably have been figured out by now, right?

What about GA tickets?

Lots of events have general admission sections these days – from lawn seats to pit seats, to entire venues that are first-come, first-served. If you aren't sure what type of general admission tickets a listing is for, please message us before you buy!

I have tickets to sell. Will Ticket Club buy them?

Unfortunately, we don't source tickets for sale through eBay.

I found similar tickets for sale (insert other place you can buy things) for less. Can you match it?

We advise against assuming a ticket price is better unless you've gone all the way through and seen what service fees are added on right before you click "buy." Our tickets are all-in pricing, meaning the listing price is the full price including delivery.

I bought tickets and can't go to the event. What now?

Unfortunately, once we send tickets out, they're non-returnable. In the event of a cancellation, just let us know, and we'll take care of your refund.

I bought tickets by mistake and need to cancel my order. Can I do that?

Unfortunately, all sales are final on tickets. Please be certain of your purchase before you buy. You’re welcome to list them for sale yourself if you can't make an event, but we can't take tickets back for barcode security reasons.

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